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You can participate in many ways. Microjustice4All (MJ4All) depends on support from people like you.


We are always looking for (business) partners who, among others, can support us to advocate our mission and to put it on the international development cooperation agenda, as well as volunteers in The Hague and in the field.


We also need donations, which allow the current MJ4All Country Organisations in Latin-America, East-Africa and the Western Balkans to become sustainable and to open MJ4All programs in new countries.


What can you do?


Make a donation

Support MJ4All with your donation and contribute to a world in which all are protected and enjoy opportunities. Donating can be done in many ways.


Ways to donate

Become a volunteer

Volunteers are of great value for us and we are always looking for good people who want to support us by sharing their knowledge. Interested?


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Become a partner

Know more about how MJ4All can support you in the realisation of a positive social impact and how your (legal) know-how can contribute? Seize the opportunity and become a partner.


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Procedures for New Country Organizations

You can start your own MJ4All County Organization and become a part of the global network of Microjustice4All.


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