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Terezija Kovačević was born in Dalj, Croatia, and joined MJ4All (when it was called ILA) since the beginning of 1997. Her first job was as a housemaid for a group of young humanitarians, which came to help us, people that survived a terrible war. With MJ4All’s help, she has learned to drive, to use the computer, to learn English, and she gained administrative skills. Soon she got her next job as data administrator, to document all refugees’ cases which MJ4All helped, and since 2010 she works as office manager in Vukovar in the Cross-Border Legal Rehabilitation Program. This job helped her a lot because it enabled her to help other people in need.



Država Programi

  • International Team (Pogledaj Team)
  • Bolivia (Upoznajte ih)
  • Perú (Upoznajte ih)
  • Argentina (Upoznajte ih)
  • Kenya (Upoznajte ih)
  • Rwanda (Upoznajte ih)
  • Uganda (Upoznajte ih).









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