Programme & Aims 2014-16

ACTIVITY SET 1 - Further develop existing Microjustice Country Organisations as sustainable social enterprises:

  • Increase the number of service outlets throughout the country
  • Expand the portfolio of legal services and products
  • Scale-up awareness raising and education on basic rights for target groups (women, children, farmers, small businesses, indigenous peoples and victims of conflict)
  • Build partnerships and encourage government institutions to improve the accessibility of administrative and legal procedures


ACTIVITY SET 2 - Establish new Microjustice Country organisations:

  • MJ4All has identified opportunities in: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zambia
  • Develop these opportunities in cooperation with partners internationally and locally (local groups, institutions, international corporations and law firms) and on the basis of the MJ4All Toolkit 


ACTIVITY SET 3 - Capacity Building of Microjustice Network:

  • Develop toolkits for specialised services for specific target groups, such as smallholder farmers (formalise legal entities, land registrations and water right protection) and women (inheritance,recognition of children and formalization of partnership, land and property right, small businesses)
  • Evaluate impact (show how Microjustice is pivotal in sustainable human development)
  • Research and disseminate data in key areas that affect the ability for vulnerable people to participate in society
  • Develop expertise to improve legal systems in cooperation with relevant institutions locally and internationally
  • Exchange information between MJ4All network members



By the end of 2016 Microjustice4All aims to (I) reach 1,000,000 people, (II) be represented in 12 countries,

(III) be a strong network organisation, providing expertise to its members, with the capacity to replicate
Microjustice4All programs everywhere, and (IV) be recognized as a key player in the post-2015 Sustainable
Development Goals-Agenda.


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